Real Estate Investing Quick Start Guide


Real Estate Investing Quick Start Guide


  • In Real Estate Investing Quick Start Guide, author, best-selling course instructor, licensed real estate broker, and consultant Symon He lays out the simplest, most practical and most straightforward path for new investors eager to ink their first deals and start their journey to building a real estate empire.


Real estate investing, often considered the number one creator of lasting wealth in today’s economy can be started with significantly less money, less time, and less expertise than most people imagine.

Symon’s clear and casual writing style make the sometimes complicated world of real estate investing infinitely more approachable and understandable.

No matter how much money you think you need, how much time you think it takes, or if you think all the “good deals” have already been snapped up, Real Estate Investing Quick Start Guide will show you that anyone can get started once they are armed with the knowledge contained in this book.

Real Estate Investing Quick Start Guide Is Perfect For:

  • Complete newcomers to the world of real estate investing or anyone looking to create real, lasting wealth through real estate investing
  • Existing real estate investors who are looking to expand their portfolios and learn new way to create wealth through real estate

Real Estate Investing Quick Start Guide Covers:

  • How to generate sustainable passive income through rental property investing
  • How to produce lasting profits through commercial real estate investing
  • How to complete profile real estate wholesale deals with little to no money
  • How to successfully ‘flip’ properties for quick & predictable profits
  • How to grow your income producing portfolio quickly with multifamily properties
  • How to create 100% hands-off income streams from indirect real estate investments like REITs