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International Games Week 2019 donation options

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Australian libraries are eligible for donations of FREE tabletop games this year! To place your request, fill out the survey here:


Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game – A 2-4 player card game sending up videogame villain tropes. Compete to build the deadliest, most alluring dungeon and trap the most adventurers.
Boss Monster 2: The Next Level – The sequel to Boss Monster (above) is stand-alone but entirely compatible with the original game.
Call to Adventure – Craft your Hero. Claim your Destiny! Players begin each game with an origin card that provides their backstory as well as two “starter” abilities, and the game’s system encourages storytelling.
Codenames XXL – An instant classic, winner of dozens of awards including 2016 Game of the Year, and the top-rated party game on BoardGameGeek. Give clues to help your team pick the right words. The XXL version has larger cards.
Codenames: Duet XXL – A co-operative version of Codenames.
Codenames: Pictures XXL – Similar gameplay to basic Codenames, but with picture prompts instead of words.
Dragon Ball Super Card Game – Demo Decks for the collectible card game based on the popular anime franchise.
Letter Jam – A 2-6 player co-operative game about making words from letters you can’t see, but your teammates can.
Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game – Be the first to empty your hand of cards by using all the story elements in them.
Pictomania – A fast-paced game where everyone simultaneously draws and tries to guess what others are drawing.
Root – An asymmetric game set in a forest where Cats seek to civilise and build, the Alliance conspires to overthrow the cats, the Eyrie seeks to reclaim the woods from both without falling to internecine conflict, and a Vagabond plays all sides in pursuit of a mysterious quest.
That’s a Question! – One player gets asked to make a tricky hypothetical choice… and everyone else tries to guess which answer they will give.
Tiny Epic Defenders – A fast-paced co-operative game where players work together to defend a city.
Tiny Epic Galaxies – A competitive game where players vie for resources and complete secret objectives. Playable as a solitaire game!
Tiny Epic Mechs – A battle royale free-for-all with tiny cute mechs that hold meeples, and meeples that hold items!
Tiny Epic Western – Poker meets worker-placement as you seek to rule a Wild West town by claiming cards to build a poker hand.
Tiny Epic Zombies – This versatile zombie survival game can be played competitively, in teams, or co-operatively.
Trapwords – As you explore a fantasy dungeon, give your teammates hints to guess a word… without using other words that the opposing team has secretly chosen in advance! What will they expect you to use?
Turing Tumble – Part simulator, part puzzle, Turing Tumble uses marbles rolling down a sloped surface and some ingenious mechanical design to help visualise the same binary logic computers use.
Vast – An asymmetric fantasy-themed game where you can be a hero, a monster, a horde… or a place!


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