Supporting the playful arts, in Australia and internationally

APILI programs

APILI will produce a range of programs that vary widely along the following axes:

Audience and purpose

Our programs will fall under four main headings.

Most of our programs will be aimed at the general public. These will largely consist of celebrations of the playful arts for the sake of the fun, beauty, and joy that they offer, but some will also be explicitly educational in spirit, fostering critical engagement with game design and the various literacies that games develop (systems, psychological, social, procedural… plus of course traditional literacy & numeracy).

We will also offer professional development programs for professions to whom play is relevant, such as teachers (pre-school through to adult), library staff, youth and social workers, mental health professionals, creative professionals in both play-based and more traditional media, and more, so that they can stay current with trends, opportunities, and current hot topics in the playful arts. These will include showcase workshop series that give people a chance to try a range of new and/or important playful works over time, seminars to discuss and share new learnings in a more condensed way, and study group templates and materials to allow professionals to continue their development

In addition, we will host and auspice masterclasses, business skills classes, informal playtesting and design workshops, and other professional development opportunities for practitioners of the playful arts, developed in collaboration with organisational and institutional partners, our advisory boards, and other relevant figures and bodies. We will also facilitate similar training for practitioners of other artforms who are interested in how their talents can find a place in the playful arts. Australia already has some exceptional conferences and conventions in this space, so we will aim to work in partnership with existing bodies rather than seeking to reinvent what already works.

Finally we will provide ad-hoc opportunities for politicians, journalists, and others in the business of representing the community to have first-hand experience of the playful arts as they become relevant to contemporary conversations.



In-house, we will produce both interactive and display exhibitions to explore the history, current state of the art, and future of play.

These will be delivered both at the main APILI site and, wherever possible, through partner institutions in other states of Australia, and we hope ultimately other countries.

We will also produce smaller-scale programs that will be delivered on-site on a rotating basis, with the most successful and portable being prepared for rollout to schools, libraries, and/or local gaming/play groups.

In addition to our own programs, we will offer tools to facilitate the delivery and discovery of organised play programs, both for particular games and for gaming groups looking to act as the equivalent of community sporting clubs, and to travel to and play against other groups.