Supporting the playful arts, in Australia and internationally

APILI facilities

The road to creating APILI is necessarily a long one, but our ultimate vision includes the following facilities:

  • Archival and storage spaces to house our collections appropriately;
  • Fabrication workshops to enable the creating of playtest and prototype materials for artists/designers in residence and clients of our playtesting services, as well as (with the appropriate permissions) reproduction of historical games and toys to enable hands-on play and restoration of archival materials, and creation of playground equipment;
  • Large open spaces and halls for large conventions, tournaments, physical play experiences, play-related performances, and other such mass works of play;
  • Library spaces for our collections of games in book form and game-related books;
  • Museum/gallery spaces to display archival works;
  • Office and co-working spaces to support our staff, resident scholars, hosted organisations, and guest scholars or play professionals;
  • Playground spaces, indoor and outdoor, including landscaping and gardening to suit, and designed for both adult and child audiences;
  • Play spaces in a variety of sizes and configurations to enable hands-on play with actual or reproduction toys and physical games;
  • Playtest/observation spaces, for use in playtesting and various forms of research;
  • Presentation rooms for conventions, lectures, meetings, play, workshops, and so on;
  • Residential spaces to house on-site caretaking and security staff, guests, and participants in overnight play experiences;
  • Server spaces and various virtual communities to support electronic archives, LAN gaming, various online gaming services, and the other functions of the Institute.

It’s possible that not all of these functions will be located on a single site, and in particular we would hope to have various satellite sites for exhibitions and connected play experiences making use of telepresence technology.


The process of designing the physical Institute will be informed by public and stakeholder consultations undertaken in a collaborative, play-based workshop process with both online and analogue components.


Once designed and built, these facilities would primarily be devoted to APILI’s own activities, but we would reserve the right to raise additional revenue by hiring out spaces in ways that were compatible with APILI’s work.