Rivalries between the tech giants are a full-fledged show in itself. Rather than taking jibes at each other directly, they drop subtle hints on their Twitter to get their word out, and it’s quite amusing to witness from a distance. Apple recently launched its iPhone 13 series on September 14, and social media was quick to respond with mems regarding the lack of updates or the high price, or other stuff. Among reactions, was that of Google, who used their defunct Nexus Twitter account to mock Apple, and by extension, remind people that Google Pixel 6 series is also on its way.

Google Pixel 6 series is also around the corner, and the release is estimated to take place anytime in the coming weeks. Google is leaving no stone unturned in raising the level of excitement for their upcoming product. With teasers in the form of videos or physical displays at stores, Google is trying it all.

However, aligning with the launch of the Apple iPhone 13, Google made the most out of the moment and teased the customers yet again. A tweet popped up on the official handle of the Pixel’s predecessor Nexus, a day after the iPhone 13 launch saying, “I’d wait for #Pixel6.”

Although it was just another tweet, what made it special was that it was done by a dead account. @Googlenexus, a verified and private account with a million followers, that has been inactive since 2019. The last tweet that the wall is from 2017, where the company is offering discounts on exchanging their old phone with the Google Pixel 2. Since then, the account hasn’t tweeted anything new, except from replying to various tweets attached to them, which also stopped in 2019, until now.

Google Pixel 6 carried the tagline “For All You Are” with it and is ready to give a neck-and-neck fight to the iPhone 13. The video released by the company hints at some features of the Android 12 and is expected to be available in fours shaded – Gold, White, Green/Teal, and Orange.

Bisected in two models – Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro – the phones will have full HD and QHD AMOLED displays with a refresh rate up to 120Hz. The Google Pixel 6 series will be powered by Google’s in-house Silicon chip, the Google Tensor chipset, and will be coupled with up to 12GB RAM and up to 512GB storage capacity.