Officials with the National Aviary in Pennsylvania said a Steller’s sea eagle that escaped from its enclosure has been repeatedly spotted around Pittsburgh.

Handlers at the National Aviary said the Russia-native eagle, named Kodiak, is believed to have escaped after being startled on Saturday.

Officials said they determined the wire surrounding Kodiak’s enclosure had been compromised.

They said the eagle has been repeatedly spotted on Pittsburgh’s North Side and is believed to still be in the area. Handlers have been searching the North Side and along the city’s rivers for the fugitive raptor.

The aviary said the 4-foot eagle is in good health and is acclimated to a number of different weather conditions. Handlers said Kodiak does not need to eat every day to remain healthy.

Aviary officials said Kodiak is not a threat to people or pets, but anyone who spots the eagle is being urged not to approach the bird.